100% Pure LOVES Their Customers!!!

Seriously! Check out this AWESOME +100% Pure GWP that came with my $35 purchase.

Available from June 5-12, 2014, it features 6 items, 3 of which are full size, with a $100 value. I grabbed 2 new vegan eyeliners to qualify, click the video below to see my haul. Did you grab one of these gifts? They are available online and to their international clients, too!

Want more 100% Pure?
Click here for Pink Champagne & Luminous Primer swatches.

I ran to +Westfield Oakridge and made this happen:

100% pure makeup haul

This Creamstick eye liner, in Blackberry Glimmer, is more like a jumbo shadow crayon. It's gorgeous. The shade is in the plum family but not too purple. Scroll for swatches. It's not labeled as a long-lasting product like the liner below so I hope it plays well with my oily eyelids.

100% pure makeup haul

Now this is my jam, Black Tea cream liner. Like it's name, it's very creamy and really holds it shade in place. I am totally in love with this liner and will continue to replenish it into my collection. The product is the right consistency, it's not too watery that you have to go over the line a few times to deposit pigment and creamy enough for more mature eyelids to enjoy, as the formula does not skip. I do find the large handle a bit awkward to use, I'm used to my hand being a closer to my face for more control, so this is going to take some time to get used to.

100% pure makeup haul

And there you have it. My 2 new eyeliners from 100% Pure!
Did you take advantage of the GWP? What did you add to your collection and have you used wither of these 2 liners?

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