Be There, it's Cool to be Square {Hue}.

These bottles are amazing. Meet Square Hue. This is not you average monthly subscription service, there's no crazy upselling or games. You pay $19.99 for 3 full size bottles of lacquer, $14.99 + $5.00 shipping. You skip any month without penalty and pick up where you left off when you're ready. I decided to order my first box when they offered Amsterdam for free, I only had to pay shipping. The shades are amazing.

5-free, up first was KalverStraat, a high gloss poppy red creme that features traces of fuchsia and orange. The lacquer is gorgeous, the formula levels evenly and quickly and they are full opacity with only 2 coats. Lasting for 3 days before chipping, did not discolour or craze, it was easy to remove and did not stain my nails. Stay tuned, Beethovenstraat (acid green) and P.C. Hooftstraat (duochrome purple) are coming up on the blog shortly.

These bottles are square for a reason, it gives you more surface area to see the shade when looking at the top of the bottle, down. The handle is comfortable and the brush is thin and moderately firm, allowing you to get close to edges. The bottle of the bottle has the name in easy to read bold font with the series date as well, so you know the age of your lacquer. Made in the USA, .5oz/15ML.

Want a free treat? Of course you do! Sign up for a May 2014 Square Hue trio, use code BOGO during checkout and you will receive a surprise collection box, too! New subscribers only, Kittens. Shipping is super fast, I had my set 3 days after the shipping notice. I love this lacquer, I was so impressed I ordered the RIO set for my sister - I can't wait to see those hues and the bonus shades as well. Have you subscribed to Square Hue? What are your thoughts? Have you kept your subscription? I'm planning on keeping mine. You can't beat $5 5-free lacquer. ($6.66 per bottle if you include the shipping fee).


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