Drugstore Favourites *A collaboration* Part 3

You know I love CVS and this third Drugstore Favourites post only solidifies my feelings! Today I am partnering with



So make sure you check out their posts, too!

Up first is:

Güd : Natural Body Mist,
Orange Petalooza.

So yummy, I have to restrain myself from opening the vessel and sipping the blood orange Güdness. This is a great way to smell special without wearing perfume. When I wear it, I apply 2 spritzes of Orange Petalooza. I think this is the perfect spray for those times I am working or relaxing at home or even running errands and am looking for something less formal. Part of Burt's Bees, Orange Petalooza Natural Body Mist does not contain parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. This 3oz spray is TSA-Friendly and retails for $6.00.
This Body Mist was provided as part of a Klout perk

What Happens in Vegas...

Color Secrets Professional keeps to themselves!
Hi Kittens! Last week I posted my review with swatch of Miss Congeniality and now I am going to treat you to the second shade that I chose. What Happens in Vegas was given to me while I was attending CosmoprofLV to swatch and review.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

Hyd For Men + iFabbo, by Him.

One of the benefits of being an iFabbo member is the opportunity to participate in product testing panels.

I have been begging asking my boyfriend to contribute his point of view and he always refused politely declined. Yet when offered the Hyd For Men products through the iFabbo Shop, he changed his tune and wanted to share his experience. 

Danny has been using the same shaving product for a decade: Edge Advanced Extra Comfort Shave Gel. This can is under pressure and dispenses an aqua gel that turns to a rich lather, due to friction, once applied. While foamy, it is now clear how drying this product is to his face and the lack of close shave it provides. He must go over the same areas a few times to make sure all the hair has been removed making him spend quite a bit of time shaving his face and leaving him susceptible to irritation. Plus it has a strong medicinal aroma which becomes overpowering quickly.

Varnish Vandalism.

 Realizing I was out of polish remover & cotton rounds, I headed for CVS.
I decided to use this trip as an opportunity to look for 1 or 2 more bottles of the 2013 essie Neon collection.
What I was not looking for was this:

I hope you continue to read this post and view the other images.

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