Jaded Jack, Lime Lacquer.

Opaque, lime green crème.
Unsung British rock hero.

I love this shade of acidic lime green. It will pair amazingly with navy, white and gold. Per my usual I start with Butter London's Nail Foundation and 2 coats of Jaded Jack. Two coats is all it took for pure opacity. I wait 2 minutes between each coat and finish with Butter London's Hardwear topcoat.

The creamy finish is mostly matte, there is a little sheen but I could see the finish dulling quickly, another reason I added a high shine topcoat.

Byzantium in the Buff

It should come as no surprise that purple is a colour worn by royalty. Fabrics of this shade adorned emperors of the ancient Grecian city, Byzantium as well as Rome. Since I feel like royalty when I wear ChromeGirl Nail Lacquer, it was only fitting that I swatch a purple shade. I decided to switch it up. Usually I wear the brighter shades on 8 nails with a 'bland' shade on my ring finger nails but with this look 2gether Forevs is going to be the one that pops. *BAM*

Click image to enlarge.

Winning Miss Congeniality

If you remember, my excursion through CosmoprofLV lead me to Color Secrets, a multi-purpose lacquer line from a conscious brand, offering a full array of fashion forward colors that are always on trend, beautifying nails at the same time treating them with the utmost care. I was offered two bottles from this 3-free line of nail lacquer, to review and provide swatches and you can discover the additional 66 shades on their site for only $2.99.

Click picture to enlarge for detail.

I am featuring Miss Congeniality first. It is  constructed of a neon pink translucent shimmer base with small iridescent glitter. This lacquer covers quite opaquely with only 2 coats. I added a top coat to lock in shine and it lasted 2.5 days before it chipped and I wore it while toting wedding gowns for Brides Against Breast Cancer for 4 hours!

#SudsUpSunday Makeup Brush Cleaning!

You know how important I believe it is that we clean our makeup brushes weekly so I wanted to offer you some best practices that I follow. Bottom line: Treat your brushes the way you treat your face, gently.

Using tepid to warm water is best and keep your brush bristles facing down while rinsing. You do not need to flood the brush head with water and don't ever soak your makeup brushes. Soaking will loosen the glue and your brushes will fall apart.

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