In a Frenzy over Whip Hand Cosmetics.

The perks of following Whip Hand Cosmetics on Facebook? A 25% off discount to celebrate the launch of their latest series of Lip Hits. Well, you don't have to twist my arm... I am pretty much obsessed with Whip Hand so any chance to support them and score of some awesome new products and I'm in! I Ordered 2 Lip Hits, Frenzy and Itch, this review and swatch series is for Frenzy, described as a deep, almost blood red liquid lipstick with berry undertones and opaque coverage.

Bathing in Olive Oil.

I learned of Olive Natural Beauty through BeautyARMY, they are sampling the Lemon & Lavender soap which smells simply divine. Before I started using my sample, I went ahead and ordered Oats & Honey, I couldn't go wrong with all the feedback coming in on BeautyARMY's site! My purchase is 2 fold: I needed to spend $10 to reach free shipping on and I have very dry body skin. That's relevant because I am about to go a round of AmLactin, an exfoliating body lotion, to prep my legs for short wearing season. I need a soap whose ingredients will not dry my skin making the AmLactin work harder.

The Olive Natural Beauty Bar is made from a blend of Distilled water and hand-blended organic oils, including organic extra virgin olive oil, which provides linoleic and oleic acids. These acids help keep skin firm, glowing and soft.

Oh Joe, you're so Fresh!

Did you see my sharp apple green gingham shirt on Instagram yesterday? I headed over to Penneys early Saturday morning, I wanted to get there just as they opened so I could pick from the cream of the crop. Well.... first dibs on what wasn't snatched up on Friday, the launch of Joe Fresh + JC Penney.

I haven't shopped inside a JC Penney in +15 years. And I have only made 1 purchase in the past 3 - new underwear for the BF - which was online so that doesn't really count. But then I saw something that spoke to me. Fresh clean lines and perfectly printed patterns. A collection that is a little bit Gap with a kiss of jCrew but all Joe.

Platinum Lineless Eye Mask.... Eye Mask?

This is not the first time that I have used a cloth mask but this is the first time I have used one from Envie de Neuf.

I received a sample of their mask in one of my subscription boxes a few months back and am just getting around to testing it out. I have since cancelled all of my beauty subscriptions except BeautyARMY.

The mask is pictured on the right of the packette; Platinum Lineless Eye Mask. The best way that I can describe it is, it looks like a butterfly. 

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