Whipping my eyes into shape.

I'm sure you know by now how much I love Whip Hand Cosmetics.
Well, let's let the love continue! I have 4 more loose pigment eyeshadows swatched and ready to share with you.

Crossroads trading for Dolce and Gabbana.

I thought it was fate when I spotted these phenomenal oxford heels at Crossroads Trading. I came across a sweet pair of oxfords on Pinterest just the week before and was thinking, I'd like a pair of oxfords! Shazam! These little chestnut lovelies are crafted in leather and suede with a wooden heel that resembles zebra wood. Maybe it is?! The heavy cord lace is finished with a brass fitting so the ends do not unravel... and let me be honest here, they do not stay tied. I need to tie them into a knot.

Stopping wrinkles at the red light.

Skinvel LED Facial Mask
I have been testing this mask for a several weeks and I love it. It forces me to stop and shut my eyes and have 15 minutes of 'me time' every day. For that alone, I love this product! haha!!

The SKINVEL Red LED Facial Mask is an easy and effective way to use red light technology to stimulate collagen production and achieve long-term radiant skin texture. With daily use you will see results as quickly as 14 days! With continued you you will also experience:

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