Perlier Volcanic Thermo Scrub from iFabbo

What a treat. Volcanic Thermo Scrub is the first Perlier product that I have tried, thanks to iFabbo. Blue in colour with a fresh light scent, this scrub is formulated with ingredients rich in mineral salt and Italian thermal water. I can feel the different levels of exfoliation but not in a harsh way; In addition to the salt, there is a noticeable powder base that exfoliates on a gentle level. Volcanic Thermo Scrub leaves my skin super smooth, with an even tone and it has a healthy glow. It does not hurt the thin skin areas like my elbows and knees and it has not irritated my body skin or caused breakouts on my chest or back.

With a jelly-like consistency, Volcanic Thermo Scrub works to rid my dry body skin, prep for my legs for a smooth shave and prepare my skin for the perfect Beautisol application. I like the fact that this is just a scrub and does not foam. Becasue I cleanse my skin first, foaming scrubs are drying as I am washing my body twice. Retailing for $25 I rate Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Scrub a solid 4 out of 5 stars. This scrub is not harsh, it does not irritate my skin, plus the scent barely lingers after its use making it a great addition to any body care regime.

If I were to compare the feeling of use to other scrubs, it is not as abrasive as Indie Lee or GingerChi. While I am not likely to replenish this scrub (I can't get past the blue colour - blue body care is NOT my thing) the Perlier door has been opened and I am interested in exploring their other products.

Have you tried this scrub or other Perlier products? Which ones, Kitten?

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