Make Up For Ever has come to San Jose

Super exciting news: Make Up For Ever has come to San Jose!!

There is a brand new and hot store in Valley Fair and you HAVE to stop in and meet Tobey! She's a genius!!! After a tour around the shop I purchased the Extravagant Eyes set. A trial sized trio of Sens'Eyes, waterproof sensitive eye cleanser, Smokey Extravagant, a dramatic mascara and
Aqua Eyes in Black, a water proof eyeliner.

I start with Prize eyeshadow by Stila Cosmetics and add Aqua Eyes to the top and bottom lash lines and waterline. The waterline didn't stay but the liner stayed true black the entire time. I have a problem with liner turning a shade of blue against this shadow. The liner is creamy but not soft and it did not skip, I like the application.

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I started my mascara application by holding the wand vertically; the tip of the wand is designed to get into the base of the lash line. I then apply the mascara as usual. I like the look after only 2 coats on top and one coat on the bottom. The application is easy, the product is moist without feeling wet or heavy.

I finish the look with Urban Decay black eyeshadow in my brows. Looks better with an Instagram filter than brown. I add Stila Cosmetics Kitten to my brow bone and Moonlight to the corner of my eye. Matte the shine with Diamond Perfect Finish by Purely Cosmetics and add a pop of pink thanks to Distraction from Whip Hand Cosmetics. I pull it together with #4 Rouge Volupte Shine. An amazingly gorgeous, high shine, true red. 

Now the test is: Will Sens'Eyes, waterproof sensitive eye cleanser take it all off?! Yes! It easily removed most of the eye makeup, I went back over each eye with a second cotton round to remove all trace. As this is my first use, I probably didn't use enough product because I didn't want to be wasteful. My eyes are comfortable, not dry or tight and they are completely residue free.

Have you tried any of these products, Kitten?


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