The Phillip Lim for Target Winner is....

It was mini-Missoni-madness!
The doors opened promptly at 8:00am and people RAN to the racks. They came in groups - some to secure the products and some to secure a cart to carry it all! It was a bit insane, people pushing and shoving and worse: dropping clothing to the floor and stepping all over it. An employee tried to tell ppl to be respectful but it fell on deaf ears. I was embarrassed to be honest. I mean, they are clothes. This is the epitome of first world problems.

I knew there would be a fitting room limit and I was actually able to find that limit - 6 items, in my appropriate size; Medium. Check out my photos here, on my Instagram feed. 

I thought the dress and tops fit nicely, the pieces were well weighted, I liked the choice of fabrics used. Things were soft, pieces featured nice detail and sizes were, for the most part, spot on. Now I will say, I found the purses to be cheap looking. The pebble grain pleather was missing the mark for me. I found the shades to be a bit drab; I wanted to like pieces more than I actually did but that's ok and that is also expected.

The very first piece I tried on is the one I purchased: Sparkle Peplum Tank in black. Crisp seams and an understated pleated peplum set an elegant stage for the rhinestone-encircled neckline. Contemporary-fit bodice at waist. I really love the fit and weight of this top. The neckline is elegant but the clear beads make sure it is not too formal.

This is the first peplum shirt that has not added 25 pounds to my waist. In fact, it makes me look trim and I feel very confident wearing it. I like the glam and the flexability to pair it with a skirt or my favourite jeans. Retailing for $39.99, this rich true black peplum top wins my vote! Did you pick up pieces from this collection? Did you shop online or visit a Target store like us?

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