Varnish Vandalism.

 Realizing I was out of polish remover & cotton rounds, I headed for CVS.
I decided to use this trip as an opportunity to look for 1 or 2 more bottles of the 2013 essie Neon collection.
What I was not looking for was this:

I hope you continue to read this post and view the other images.

Not only was an entire bottle of gray drizzled over these polishes, it was drizzled over EVERY essie polish on this rack. And this is not where it starts or ends. A closer look at this display and I notice that there is old evidence that this has happened before. In fact, there are several dividers full of dried polish. I was informed the vandalism first started with a bottle of lacquer dumped into a divider and then the vandal place the bottle back in the polish-filled cubby. The polish dried before the staff realized what had happened, as evident in the picture below. You can see the void left from the discarded damaged bottle.

This vandalism was a new depth for this location. The gray bottle in the center, is actually empty and the brush is haphazardly placed back inside the empty bottle. You can see from this image that there are 3 dividers that were filled, completely, with polish. I'm not sure what kind of message the jerk(s) who did this were trying to send but you failed. If you were mad at CVS, you failed. If you were mad at essie, you failed. The only person hurt here was the consumer. Essie already has their money from CVS. CVS has a budget for loss like this, so it's not really a loss for them, it's a loss for the person who wants to have one of these bottles. It's a loss to you and I.

The empty offender is all the way to the right.
I feel bad for the manager and her staff. This display, which holds a several hundred dollars worth of polish, is concealed in the beauty area. And while always adequately staffed, you can't be everywhere all the time - it would be easy to hide behind this rack and dump dump dump without a single employee knowing you were there. Having working in retail for 17+ years, I can 100% see how this happened and why it continues to happen. Just today I popped into this CVS to purchase newspapers for my extreme couponing and noticed a slew of new damage to the rack.

My hope is tri-fold:
I hope CVS corporate is able to work with this location to adjust the floorplan for this particular fixture, which will improve the customer experience and lessen shrink. And I hope essie replaces this rack. It's gross. Finally, I hope the punk ass bitches that did this and keep doing it grow the fuck up.


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