#SudsUpSunday Makeup Brush Cleaning!

You know how important I believe it is that we clean our makeup brushes weekly so I wanted to offer you some best practices that I follow. Bottom line: Treat your brushes the way you treat your face, gently.

Using tepid to warm water is best and keep your brush bristles facing down while rinsing. You do not need to flood the brush head with water and don't ever soak your makeup brushes. Soaking will loosen the glue and your brushes will fall apart.

Stay away from harsh detergents like dish soap. If you do not have 'brush cleaner' use a facial cleanser. And do not condition your brushes with olive oil - you run a risk of the oil becoming rancid and bacterial. Once your brushes are clean and you have squeezed out the excess water, lie them on the counter with the bristles hanging off the edge for 100% air circulation so the brushes dry evenly with out flat spots.

Soak your toothbrush and Clarisonic brush head in 70% alcohol, separately, for 2 minutes each, rinse and use. The alcohol will kill bacteria dirty soap residue leaves behind. Don't forget to clean powder and foundation sponges too. Use your brush cleaner until the water runs clear then soak the sponges in 70% alcohol for 2 minutes, too, to kill lingering bacteria.

Replace your toothbrush and Clarisonic brush head every 90 days. The bristles start to soften and become less effective after this time. Trust me. You'll fall in love with your replacement and wonder why you didn't switch out sooner. And don't forget to replace your mascara too! Every 90 days you need to replace your current tube, no matter how much product is remaining. The formula starts to break down and you leave yourself susceptible to eye infections.
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