My Top 5 Summer Drugstore Favourites!

You responded so well to my first Drugstore Favourite post, that I thought I would give you another one! This week I am teaming up with with the lovely Livi from Beau Maquillage. For those that were passing notes forgot most some of your French class, it translates to Beautiful Makeup! Make sure you check out her blog, she features products from the UK.

As you are well aware I love CVS. I think it is a combination of the clean well stocked, well organized store and the Extra Rewards program. I mean, who doesn't love free 'cash'?! So I am going to share with you my 5 favourite Summer drugstore items, which have all been purchased from CVS. In no particular order:

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Physicians Formula Matchmaker Bronzer, Light.
This is the perfect bronzer/contour powder for those that want to introduce themselves to that technique or are looking for a light 'tanning' powder. I chose Light Bronzer since I am quite fair. The product comes easily off of the pan so be sure to not twirl your brush too much or you will have a lot of bronzer to deal with. It's easier to add than to remove. For me, I look sun kissed. I have a healthy glow that does not look unnatural or powdery. There is the tinyest amount of shimmer to this Bronzer but it is more for depth than shine. The shade is just right and this is an awesome addition to my CoverFX Skin Tint. Retails $14.95

Nuance, Facial Serum.
I use this specifically on my neck and chest. The wide roller ball applicator makes targeting those areas easy and because the application is easy, I tend to use it daily so I am seeing improvements.
I'm on my 4th tube, so that should say something!

Daily SPF wasn't encouraged when I was growing up so I am caught in the middle of making up for lost time and fighting the damage I see forming due to the years of neglect in the Florida sun.

This serum gives my neck and checks the attention it deserves as well as brighten my skin. This serum is lightweight, it applies clear and has a bit of a wildflower scent to it. It doesn't take long to dry down and is never sticky.  Retails for $19.99

Nivea, Goodbye Cellulite Serum.
Does it work? Who knows. Does it smell so amazing that I am using it everyday to find out? Yes!

I just started using this. I know it is not an end-all for cellulite but if it can help tighten the surface for just a little while, while I am wearing shorts which will boost my self-confidence than it is worth the $14.49!

It dispenses from the vacuuming pump as a thick, clear light yellow gel. Thanks to Dimethicone, it is very smooth and stays pliable so you can massage it into your wobbly bits for maximum impact. I use 1 pump per thigh and buttock area and it takes me about 2 minutes to rub it in. My skin feels extremely moisturized and comfortable, it never feels greasy and it has never stained or discoloured my clothes. Plus it dries down quickly so I can continue getting dressed without having to wait for a sticky treatment to settle. I'll post a follow up in a few weeks to track my progress.

Weleda, Refining Toner.
I tried a sample of this and was hooked.

After I wash my face I apply some to a cotton round and with light pressure I move the cotton in a circular motion. This ensures that any trace of makeup or cleanser left behind is removed while preparing my skin for moisturizer. I find the Witch Hazel to be refreshing, especially during the summer and for me, I do not have the same 'burn' that alcohol based astringents/toners provide.

The dry down is quick and this toner does not get sticky and it works very well with my different array of facial moisturizers. And I should note it has never aggravated my acne or cause discomfort. Retail $17.50

Physicians Formula Matchmaker Blush, Rose.
Part of the Matchmaker collection, which works with your pH to create the perfect hue, Rose took me by surprise! While the shade appears to be a bright pink, it actually turns quite red on my skin. It looks like a powders version of Besame Crimson Rouge.

Like the Bronzer, it is easy to grab too much powder so sweep lightly across the pan so you get a feel for the product. I do not use the included brush, I have a favourite blush brush from 100% Pure which I prefer. I sweep the blush across the apples of my cheeks and blend upward. The silver shimmer accents on top of this blush are only for show, once you sweep them off, they are gone but don't fret, this is a lovely blusher, it is not flat in shade at all. I hope you comment below if you used this collection, I would love to ear how the products adjusted to your skin tone.

So there you have it, Kitten!
My Top 5 Summertime Drugstore
What are your Top 5?
Do you want to join me next August 16th for another Drugstore Favourite link up?


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