Hyd For Men + iFabbo, by Him.

One of the benefits of being an iFabbo member is the opportunity to participate in product testing panels.

I have been begging asking my boyfriend to contribute his point of view and he always refused politely declined. Yet when offered the Hyd For Men products through the iFabbo Shop, he changed his tune and wanted to share his experience. 

Danny has been using the same shaving product for a decade: Edge Advanced Extra Comfort Shave Gel. This can is under pressure and dispenses an aqua gel that turns to a rich lather, due to friction, once applied. While foamy, it is now clear how drying this product is to his face and the lack of close shave it provides. He must go over the same areas a few times to make sure all the hair has been removed making him spend quite a bit of time shaving his face and leaving him susceptible to irritation. Plus it has a strong medicinal aroma which becomes overpowering quickly.

Shave Cream hydrates and rejuvenates your skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our unique blend of natural oils and moisturizers allows your razor to glide effortlessly across your skin, reducing friction and irritation. Our soothing low lather formula is designed to provide superior coverage while using less shave cream. As a result, your razor will perform better and your blades won’t clog.

The first thing Danny wanted me to know about the Shave Cream is, it smells so good, he wanted to eat it! The light scent is clean and fresh. Having used such a high lather product Danny was unfamiliar with a low later cream so he  found himself over-using the Hyd For Men Shave Cream by as much as twice the same amount he used of gel. Since more product than usual was used, the blade was sticky with cream and had to be cleaned more often.

The inverted tube allows product to always move towards the distribution hole in the flip top cap but the need of additional Shave Cream to complete his face makes for a messy tube - the one thing he likes about Edge gel is the auto-distributor but will trade it since this vessel is better for the environment.

This was the smoothest shaves he can remember; He kept touching his face all night. The oil enriched cream allows for a very close shave and less runs over the same area which means less time shaving all together. The second use yielded the same results, a very close shave with zero irritation. Retails for $12.99

Eliminate 50 million barriers to healthy skin with this one-step microdermabrasion treatment. Buffer Stick combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional-quality microdermabrasion. Buffer Stick offers instant results with no pain or irritation, increased absorption of your skin care products and minimizes the appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Add to your grooming routine to hydrate your skin and gently remove dead skin cells while fighting ingrown hairs

Danny felt no use for the Buffer Stick since he does not experience ingrown hairs. Even after I explained the benefits of exfoliation; the removal of dry and dead skin, allowing the hairs to rise and the razor to glide, he shrugged it off. Then I shared Frugal Diaries review and he decided to give it a go. It is important to note, he does not use moisturizer, he simply washes his face with Neutrogena soap and done. He followed the directions, applied it in a circular motion and rinsed it off. This scrub did not have a noticeable scent and did not cause any irritation but he hasn't noticed a difference in his shave. Retails for $24.99

Razor Shield creates a liquid barrier, protecting razor blades from the corrosive chemical reactions that dull blades and make shaving uncomfortable. Sharp blades coated in our proprietary blend of natural oils keep your face smooth and revitalized, making for a clean shave. Save your blades. And your face. All while saving money. 

He has used Razor Shield once on a currently used blade. I think he will notice the difference in how much longer the blade stays sharp when he applies it to a new razor. Provides 90 uses at $17.99

I am not going to let him go back to his same ol' same ol', I will continue to purchase this collection for him. After all, I appreciate his close shave as much as he does! And who knows, he likes it so much I might have to toss a tube in my stocking too. You can find the collection here, Kitten. The Holidays are right around the corner and these would make an exceptional stocking stuffer or dopp kit replenishment.


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