Fantom. A combination of all colours.

This timeless and elegant classic grounds our everyday life.
White nails have taken the elements of the traditional French manicure and morphed it into a youthful, modern and chic look.
Pair this ever so classic yet edgy look with bright and romantic colors such as emerald and indigo.

This is a show stopper of a shade. Every time I have it on people comment, 'Ohhh, white nails!' What I love most about Fantom by LVX is the creamy, shiny shade. This isn't your grade-school I-just-painted-my-nails-with-White-Out white, this is streak free, 5-free chip resistant shade we have been looking for! Check out my Instagram... I used Fantom for my first nail art! Start with a base coat and apply only 2 shades of Fantom; this is one of those less is more products. Finish with a top coat and done! Sexy, unexpected POW!

Available for $16.00 on from the Spring 2013 collection, I rate Fantom 4.5 stars out of 5. LOVE IT!!!!!!! This particular shade dulls easily so a top coat is a must!
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