Wedding Polish by etoile of New York.

This delicate pink, with a hint of diamond dust, is romantic yet flirtatious – fit for a modern-day princess. When your “one and only” takes your hand for the first dance, you’ll feel truly royal.

Traditionally given to brides who purchase a gown on VIP night, I was given Princess as a thank you for my work with Brides Against Breast Cancer. Princess is the epitome of a blushing bride. This is the exact shade I would expect her to wear. Especially since it is formulated with diamond dust!

Our colors are infused with real diamond dust –
the perfect complement to the diamond engagement ring –
and exude timeless style. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your big day.

Direct sunlight, no flash.
I start with 1 coat of Nailtiques Formula2, wait 2 minutes and add 2 coats of Princess by etoile. I should have stopped at the second coat; the third is just a bit too thick and almost looks chalky, not soft and feminine. Lesson learned. I decide to remove the three coat and reapply using 2. Beautiful! it starts out a bit streaky but after it cures, it is much more of an even finish. I seal my nails with Butter LONDON Hardware topcoat. I love the finish of the diamond dust, not to distracting as glitter, just enough shimmer to give depth and interest.

I like the petite glass bottle and find the handle to be comfortable too. Princess looks best when applied thinly, not to mention it dries more evenly. This 3-Free formula is made in the USA and retails for $18.00 per bottle. This is a gorgeous polish and I love that they have partered with one of my personal favourite charities, BridesAgainstBreastCancer. Now I have to get my hands on the Greenwich St. Soirée set! I rate this lovely polish 4.5 stars out of 5. A perfect neutral shade of pink, this is a great choice when you want your jewelry to be the star of the accessories show.

How about you, Gorgeous, have you worn etoile nail polishes?
Which shade and what was your experience?


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