Emerald Tip Nail Ring by Pantone and Sephora

Flaunt the energizing spirit of Emerald with this eye-catching ring.
Worn at the tip of the finger, this ring showcases the Color of the Year and turns heads with a glinting, sparkling rhinestone.

I was spending the morning with Franci from The Fashion Palate, attending the Nordstrom Beauty Trend show for Spring 2013 and we decided to go for a walk around the mall. Sephora was first on the list. As soon as we walked in to the shop we spotted the 2013 Colour of the Year, Emerald collection. I had experienced the products inside JC Penney but the one item that I did not see was the nail ring.  Franci actually pointed it out to me and as impulsive as I could be, I exclaimed, "I have to have this!" I had a $30 gift card burning a hole in my pocket - what better way to spend it!

First of all, I love the packaging. I remember loving the packaging from the 2012 Colour of the Year lipstick. So Apple! The ring is super sweet but you need to be careful if you need to loosen it's fit. You could easily snap the nail off of the ring, so I recommend putting the ring on and wiggling it down your finger. As I was looking for the Sephora official image, below, I read the feedback online and several woman have broken the nail off of the ring and had to return it. It does not lay flat against your nail, so it will be easily caught in things: hair and broken. While it is not as delicate as a china bracelet, you need to mind this ring's presence.

While this is an awesome accessory, it is not completely practical - I find it near impossible to type while it is on my finger. I am looking forward to wearing this to a fashion show in June as well as PHAMExpo, it's pretty fun! Retailing for $22 this ring is available online and in select stores. It is silver-toned with an emerald nail for your pinky with a rhinestone accent. Oh how I wish it fit my index finger. Have you made a purchase from the Pantone + Sephora collections, either 2012 or 2013? What did you treat yourself too?

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