Stopping wrinkles at the red light.

Skinvel LED Facial Mask
I have been testing this mask for a several weeks and I love it. It forces me to stop and shut my eyes and have 15 minutes of 'me time' every day. For that alone, I love this product! haha!!

The SKINVEL Red LED Facial Mask is an easy and effective way to use red light technology to stimulate collagen production and achieve long-term radiant skin texture. With daily use you will see results as quickly as 14 days! With continued you you will also experience:

•Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles
•Progressive anti-aging treatment
•Improvement in skin tone, texture
•Refresh skin's cellular collagen activity
•Overall firming and plumping resulting in younger-looking skin
•Non-invasive, no side effects and no additional down-time

The revolutionary Red LED Facial Mask works by emitting visible red light between 630nm and 660nm to your face, it helps improve and rejuvenate your skin. Additionally, this mask can be used with disposable facial masks, think Karuna masks, or other beauty products as the Red LED will help the skin absorb the ingredients more quickly and effectively.

Presentation and Keep box.

I open the box to discover a white satin lined storage container. The mask is on top with a removable/reusable liner, the battery pack to the left and the headband to secure the mask in in the lower right. It looks intimidating and a little bit crazy, to be honest. I am so intrigued. I remove all of the pieces and read the directions carefully. It's so easy to use, I read the directions three more times just to make sure I am not missing anything.

Note: You wash the liner, not the mask. You do not want to get the LED wet.

Battery pack.

I install 4 AA batteries into the power pack and slip the lanyard around my neck. I like this set up: It features 2 time lengths, 10 minutes and 20 minutes. So there are no excuses!! Anyone can find 10 minutes to treat themselves. I plug the mask into the power pack and lie down. I find the mask to be comfortable and very easy to use. I like the fact when I turn it on, it automatically turns off. Plus you can relax, it is not a tool that you have to constantly hold to your face.

The mask is well weighted but does not feel heavy while you are enjoying your treatment. You do not need to use any additional product with with mask. Just turn on the red LED. Remember, this mask can be used with disposable facial masks, like the Karuna wood pulp masks, or other beauty products as the Red LED will help the skin absorb the ingredients more quickly and effectively.

While I do not have fine lines or wrinkles, I do not want them. I am 38 in and I am looking forward to this mask prolonging my youthfulness without chemicals.

Sold through Amazon, this mask retails for $199 and I have seen it as expensive as $249. While that seems like a lot of money for a mask, consider this: It is a one and done purchase. You do not need to continue to buy bottles of cream that stop working once you stop using them. You are not slathering chemicals on your face, this is a red light that stimulates the production of your owns body's collegen, plumping and protecting against wrinkles.

While I can't say I see a noticeable difference, that's also a good thing. It means I do not have wrinkles creeping up that this product is failing to address. I will continue to use the Skinvel facial mask. I am averaging 3 days a week. You can use it every single day, I simply forget. I have yet to add a cloth mask, like Karuna but when I do, you bet you can see an update here. I rate this mask 4.5 stars out of 5. I have been impressed by the noninvasive wrinkle fighting assistance and look forward to youthful skin, because we all know it's easier to prevent than treat. I only wish it were more petite for my small face.

Please note:
You must keep your eyes closed while the red light is on.
There is an audible 'click' when the battery box shuts off and you can tell through your closed eyelids that it is not nearly as bright.

How about you, Beautiful do you use any Red LED products, like the Quasar or Baby Quasar? Have you heard of this product before this post?

The Skinvel Red LED mask was provided for my review.
As always, my opinions are my own and the lack of cost does not impact my results.


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