Oh Joe, you're so Fresh!

Did you see my sharp apple green gingham shirt on Instagram yesterday? I headed over to Penneys early Saturday morning, I wanted to get there just as they opened so I could pick from the cream of the crop. Well.... first dibs on what wasn't snatched up on Friday, the launch of Joe Fresh + JC Penney.

I haven't shopped inside a JC Penney in +15 years. And I have only made 1 purchase in the past 3 - new underwear for the BF - which was online so that doesn't really count. But then I saw something that spoke to me. Fresh clean lines and perfectly printed patterns. A collection that is a little bit Gap with a kiss of jCrew but all Joe.

I didn't go in with any expectations.... after all, what kind of quality can a $19 shirt offer? Disposable, I thought. Don't I need to spend at least $38 for the same quality? The answer, of course is no but had I not gone into the shop for myself, I would not have spent what I did.... I probably would have only ordered 1 shirt, wrote a haul, showed it off and moved on. Bottom line, I would have made a huge mistake.

The Joe Fresh shop was so bright and beautiful. New floors, new fixtures and a new attitude. The very first thing that I saw and grabbed was the fantabulous gingham shirt I wore to work on Monday. This isn't your boyfriend's button down, it's yours. Comfortable, fitted and feminine. The buttons are smaller, even the pocket detail is crisp and appropriate. I paired this lovely with a high bun and dark lips. If only I owned a string of pearls.

But this was not my only find. I added an orange crush ribbed cardigan for $16 and a strawberry fields eyelet blazer, my most expensive find, for $59. And 2 skinny belts, blue and black, $8 each.

I barely made it to the car when I was tweeting @jcpenney about a job well done! I was so excited, my heart was thumping as strongly as the music inside. About the clothes, the accessories, the haul and the resurgence of JC Penney. Resurgence? Yes. That Saturday morning I saw a spark within the employees. A skip in one's step, so to say. One that comes with such an excitement it spreads to the clients. I heard a lady in her 70's say to *presumably* her daughter, "Oh. This is new. Look at the pretty floor. I'm so glad they got rid of that carpet." haha!! #RetailHumor

I believe in Ron Johnson.
I used to work with Ron at Apple and he was such an inspiration to me that I followed his career since leaving Apple for JCP. I just knew he was the right person for the job. I believed in his retraining customers that you do not need coupons to achieve low prices. This coming from an extreme couponer and a former retail store manager! Unfortunately, we were the minority. But lets face facts, the shops concept works for Target and while boutique-in-boutique concepts are not new, they are generally poorly executed. Ron Johnson does not poorly execute. Meet Joe Fresh.
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