Bathing in Olive Oil.

I learned of Olive Natural Beauty through BeautyARMY, they are sampling the Lemon & Lavender soap which smells simply divine. Before I started using my sample, I went ahead and ordered Oats & Honey, I couldn't go wrong with all the feedback coming in on BeautyARMY's site! My purchase is 2 fold: I needed to spend $10 to reach free shipping on and I have very dry body skin. That's relevant because I am about to go a round of AmLactin, an exfoliating body lotion, to prep my legs for short wearing season. I need a soap whose ingredients will not dry my skin making the AmLactin work harder.

The Olive Natural Beauty Bar is made from a blend of Distilled water and hand-blended organic oils, including organic extra virgin olive oil, which provides linoleic and oleic acids. These acids help keep skin firm, glowing and soft.

Amino acids from the organic oats work to restore your skin's natural moisture. Organic clover honey helps skin stay soft, supple and healthy. Plus honey's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe sensitive skin while providing important antioxidants and non-abrasive exfoliation to promote the renewal of skin cells and prevention of premature aging. This bar is actually fragrance free, as it has no added essential oils. All that I can detect is the faint scent of olive oil. I'll be honest, I wish it were honey scented. :(

The packaging is a chocolate hued, medium weight cardboard with a bronze shimmer finish. I like the added tough of the packaging not being plastic shrink wrap. It really makes this a luxurious experience from the start. Like each bar was cared for! I love the logo cut out and the burnout embossed in each bar. This bar is thick! 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.25". I use a hot carving knife, which I heat by running hot tap water over both sides of the blade for a minute, to cut the bar in half so it will last longer.

It promises rich later and it delivered. I apply my body cleansers, no matter the type, to a washcloth and then apply that product laden washcloth to my body. This soap is designed to use on your face, too. I am using the BeautyARMY exclusive sample for that purpose and will review it separately. It's not an overly sudsy lather, its more of a creamy one. I was happy to discover that I do not have to use more product since it is detergent free, it cleans as deeply as any other soap I have used. The certified organic ingredients clean naturally, gently and effectively and I am not afraid of oil - I moisturize my face with Indie Lee's Squalane oil, so I knew this would not cause breakouts on my chest or back.

I notice immediately that my skin is soft, not dried out like most bar soaps left me feeling. There isn't that tight film-feeling either. My skin is super happy and it smells clean and fresh. Since this bar has no added essential oils, there isn't anything that will compete with my perfume. I rate Natural Olive Beauty's soap bar in Oats & Honey 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I am already planning my next purchase to be Sweet Fennel as I love the smell and taste of black licorice and I am interested in trying other products from their line. Have you tried Natural Olive Beauty? We're you able to choose the Lemon & Lavender for your BeautyARMY Kit? What are your thoughts?


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