Lipsi Cosmetics : Aphrodite Powder review.

I simply love when a company goes the distance to make your purchase special. Case in point, this Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder. Carefully wrapped in tissue paper, they seal the purchase with a branded sticker and a delicate piece of ribbon.

I love this powder! I can't get enough, actually! Finely milled, slightly sheer and matte in finish, it is designed for an oilier skin type, one who could use a little assistance in the soaking up excess oil department. You apply this powder as you do most minerals powders: shake a little product into the lid, swirl your favourite powder brush in the loose powder, tap off the excess and apply to your face in a circular motion.

As an oily skin I can attest that this has never become overloaded with oil and turned to a goopy experience. The powder, while quite light in apprearace is designed for all but the darkest of skin tones and stays colour true - it has never oxidized to a different especially darker shade. It does not highlight my pores or settle into fine lines. I love to add it on top of my CoverFx Skin Tint

Aphrodite Powder retails for $20 on Have you tried this awesome powder, Gorgeous? What did you think about it? I loved how I don't like like a mica glitterball after an application!! haha! I rate this awesome powder a coveted 5 out of 5 stars.


This product was given to me by Lipsi Cosmetics.
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