100% Pure; Organic Dark Chocolate Mocha Body Scrub

I like the philosophy behind this product a little more then the product its self. Like all 100% pure products, the smell is intoxicating - you do want to eat it - a mix of chocolate and coffee grounds. The scrubbing particles are good and robust and do not dissolve once they hit your moist skin. The downside is, it does leave a brown residue on my skin, so I have to scrub first and wash second. Also, I have to spend a fair amount of time cleaning my shower... The shea butter mixes with the dirt and soap on your shower floor making it super slippery if you're not careful. I have purchased it twice, once to try and the second time they were sold out of my Strawberry Lemonade, but i wouldn't go out of my way to buy it as a staple.  Probably my least favourite of 100% Pure's scrub collection, I rate this 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Bliss: Vanilla + Bergamot Body Buff Review

Your body deserves this! I received this as a deluxe sample from drugstore.com as a GWP. So yum! Let me start off by saying that I do not like the scent of vanilla. I always find it to be cheap and artificial smelling; so I contemplated giving this scrub away as a Christmas present. lol. So glad that I ran out of my 'usual' scrub and opened it - as if it were for emergency use! The vanilla is authentic, there are bits of vanilla bean seeds mixed in to the scrubbing particles. It mellows the acidity of the bergamot and makes me think of a spring buttercream frosting. The scent is smooth, not overpowering.
I'm generally afraid of shea butter because it usually ends up becoming paste on the bottom of my shower, yet this does not. I'm also not over oiled, my skin has a 'just right' silkiness and I am able to use it on my pits then follow with deodorant and the deo will dry. This scrub keeps my skin smooth and ingrowns at bay by removing dry and dead skin. I highly recommend this it for your whole body (not face). It is a moderate grit scrub and a splurge for $36 @ 12oz.

The Natural Beauty Box: All Natural Samples

I stumbled across this box via a random tweet. It was a retweet from someone who mentioned you might find BeeseLine in your Natural Box this month and I sure did!  From Canada, I received a total of 17 items. Most were deluxe sized samples and 2 full size: Delizioso Lip Gloss in Blueberry, value $20 and BeeseLine, a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, valued $3.99. In all, I received $122.16 in samples for $20, delivered. From left to right, here is what my Natural box contained for August.

100% Pure: Coffee Bean Eye Cream Review

Original vessel.

I think is a swell eye cream. It is the one of the best all natural eye products that I have used. It smells amazing, moisturizes without being greasy and does not warm and run into my eyes. Made with all good-for-you products, the container contains white eye cream, that blends in completely. It almost feels whipped rather than a heavy cream.

When I wrote this review, The vessel was glass with a pump top as pictured on the left. I find that only 1/2 pump is enough for both eyes. Now I see the vessel is a plastic squeeze tube, pictured in the lower right. 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free. My kind of skincare.

My only real complaint is both times I purchased this, the product outlasted the best-by date; You were supposed to use it within 3 month of your first pump - it lasted me on average 5 months. No worry, I kept using it and it never changed consistency or went rancid.

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