Indie Lee: The Daily Moisturizing Oil, Lavender

I have been using the Squalane Oil since February 2012 and it has changed the way I moisturize my skin. While casually reading product reviews on BeautyARMY one day, I saw another member mention that she likes the Lavender Oil for night time, to help her relax. Genius! Once it popped up in my window, I pounced!

Already knowing how amazing this oil is, I was apt to discover the scent. It's perfect. At night time, I use it after my Toner and apply 3 drops in a pressing-style of application. Instead of rubbing my face which can create more oil, I drop the oil onto my fingertips, press my left and right hands together to distribute the product and then press my fingertips onto my skin in an upward almost rocking motion.

ControlCorrective: Botanical Soothing Cream Review

Introduced to me by Lindsey Guest, Founder and CEO of BeautyARMY, this treatment has saved my skin! I suffer Rosacea and adult acne so even when I'm not going through a break-out spell I have red cheeks. With Botanical Soothing Cream, I only need a tiny amount and I am able to enjoy all day redness relief.

I find it's more like a balm, I put a pea-sized amount on my fingers, rub it between my hands to emulsify it for an easier application and I press it into my cheeks, chin and the sides of my nose. I am a firm believer of pressing, not rubbing, your skincare.  I use an upward almost rocking motion. 

Birchbox: Customer Loyalty Gift

A sweet gesture. Birchbox sent their members a Customer Loyalty gift separately from the monthly box.  Wrapped in titanium paper and black ribbon, the Thank You card should have been marked: Spoiler Alert as it clearly states 'Use this keychain...' in line 2. ha! Crafted of Birchbox pink leather and featuring gold tone hardware, this keychain is designed to hold a chapstick-style tube of lip care. I think it looks like a MACE case from the 80's once I test it. haha!! I love the concept and appreciate the gesture but as you can guess, i will not be carrying this gift.  ;-)  #IntoTheDonationBag

What about you, Gorgeous?
Did you receive this keychain/lippy combo too?

Weleda: Refining Toner Review

I was super excited to be able to try this through BeautyARMY. I am always skeptical of toners, they usually leave my face feeling sticky. I was a loyal user of Clinique's Clarifying Lotion for 22 years and in February, I made the decision to move all of my skincare all-natural. I switched from Clarifying Lotion to Shea Terra Organics Orange Water but I was running low and looking for an alternative that is more readily available.

I tilt the sample jar twice on to my cotton round and apply to my face in a circular motion with slight pressure. From my May Kit, this Toner surprised me. I know it contains alcohol but it is lacking the menthol and salicylic acid of the Clinique product - making this more comfortable feeling. Very comfortable feeling actually. My face likes it. It does not leave any trace behind and I feel a little cleaner after using it. Toners remove any soap residue from your cleanser and prep the skin for your moisturizer. The smell is a herbal/medicinal scent. Kind of clean kind of clinical but it does not linger.

Retailing for $17 on BeautyARMY, I rate this Toner a coveted 5 out of 5 stars.  I would absolutely purchase the full size product.

How about you, Gorgeous?
Have you tried this toner?
Are you a member of BeautyARMY?
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