COMODYNES: Self-Tanning Towelette Review

From BeautyBox5 comes COMODYNES Self-Tanning towelette.  This moisturizing towelette is said to provide natural and uniform colour. Let's hope so!

I open the package and remove the towelette, which is quite large; enough towel and tanner to cover my legs and arms.  The first thing I notice is the scent. It reminds me of a mans cologne, light and fresh but masculine.  Truthfully, I like it. I jokingly tweet that I might have some explaining to do when my BF comes home. The size of the towelette makes application easy, my entire hand was able to be extended as I moved it in circular motions over my limbs, ensuring even coverage. It was quick and I was confident that I didn't leave any bare spots.

Pinterest Inspiration: DIY Jewelery Hanger

Trolling Pinterest one night, I came across a repurposed wooden hanger that was upcycled into a necklace holder. Simply genius. Super easy. I knew I was the proud owner of 2 Bebe hangers from the early 2000's. I also had a drill and the right bit, I only needed Tea Cup hooks; A quick run to Home Depot and $5 later I had those too.

I covered the base of the hanger, where I needed to drill and install the hooks, with blue painters tape. The tape prevents the lacquer from chipping off due to the spinning drill bit. I wasn't sure how long the hanger's hook penetrated the center of the wood, so I started my drilling 1/2" to the right and left of the center point and drilled a hole every 1".

Shea Terra Organics: Orange Blossom Water

I'm sure you are aware that I have switched all of my skincare to all natural products, mostly Indie Lee.  How every she doesn't currently offer a toner and I am a former Clinique Clarifying Lotion addict, so I like to apply something in between my cleanser and my moisturizer.

During my last Shea Terra haul I ordered Orange Blossom Pure Distillate Water, a 100% natural astringent for oily and acne prone skin.  Used the same way Clarifying lotion; apply this hydrosol from Morocco to a cotton round and rub over face in circular motion to remove debris from my pores, I was a bit skeptical because it is alcohol free and I very much enjoy the cooling feeling that evaporation provides. I was also skeptical about the smell. I am not really a fan of orange blossom so I was hoping it didn't smell like a flower bomb and it doesn't - it is more of an herbal floral as it is authentic and not perfumed.

Sample Society: June 2012

This is my most expensive subscription.  At $15 per month I have a super hard time to justify this subscription when I pare it against Beauty Army.  This box I will use 3 out of the 5 items, making those samples worth $5 each. 
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