Getting Your Money's Worth

I didn't give it a second thought when I cut the top of my body scrub off in order to expose the inside, where a lot of the product was hiding.  Credit to my boyfriend for suggesting this blog post!  I cut it in 2 stages.  First I cut off the end, or is that the top & use my finger to get scrub.  Initially, I don't cut lower, to protect the large opening from collecting shower water & diluting the remaining scrub.

Once my fingers have cleaned off the sides of the tube, I cut it lower, usually the lower 1/3, to expose more and more product.  Seems silly I know, but I had 6 more uses from the product most people would have tossed out.  #PennyPincher.


The 3 Little Bears by Too Faced

I have been asking the makeups Gods for more TeddyBuki brushes from Too Faced for a few years now and my prayers have been finally been answered!  haha!

As a Beauty Blogger, I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea these brushes were available until I was spending a Gift Card at Sephora.  I guess I thought I would see a lot of celebration on the social media circuit but I remember none.

Retailing for $39 this three piece set contains:
• Liner / Smudger
• Crease/Blender
• Lid/Smoker

 See my review of Too Faced

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