Why I am choosing Laser Hair Removal.

I can't wax my legs because a medication I take for rosacea causes my skin to thin. If I wax, it will most likely cause "upper epidermal lifting" which is fancy talk for "will rip the top layer of skin off of your body".   I know - I have made the mistake twice.  Both times on my face.  So I decided to use the epilater tool on my bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition.  Remember the epilater craze?  Early '90's?  Do you know what an epliater is?  Let me give you the 411.  Imagine 5 wheels at alternating angles.  Like this --> /\/\/\ these wheels spin and try to grab the hair and yank it out of your body.  Basically, it's like having 5 tweezers, grabbing hairs, not all in the same spot but as you move this thing in a 'shaving' motion up your leg. A little here a little there.

The *Bad Ass* Body Scrub by Indie Lee

This is one of those products I wish I never purchased.  But I still would have been screwed because I selected a deluxe sample size in my Beauty Army Kit, so the high probability of a  reorder would have been inevitable either way.  I am so in love with Indie Lee's The Body Scrub, I am already half way through it and I am getting ready to buy a second one.

Not for the faintest of hearts... this scrub features a rough cane sugar texture so if you are very sensitive, you might not like the feel of this at first; it could feel as though it is scratching you.  But once you get past that initial ouchie phase and the sugar starts to melt a little, it becomes extremely pleasant.

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