Deborah Lippmann & Tony Surratt for Juicy Couture

Lookie what I found under the tree!!! I didn't know that Juicy Couture teamed with Deborah Lippmann and make-up artist to the stars, Troy Surratt for a Holiday '11 collection. I was trolling their sale page during Black Friday looking for fun things for the BF to buy during the additional 40% off and I stumbled upon it!

The Deborah Lippmann polish is what actually caught my attention and I notice then the champagne bottle... of what I thought was gold lipstick. Only when I opened the box did I discover it was a gloss. My heart sank a little. I do not like lipgloss that much. How could I have made such a mistake? Well, l better give it a go and it I don't like it I can give it away. Nope. I love it! It is a very sheer golden shimmer, lightweight and zero stickiness and lasts forever!! I am in love!! Now I find it a BLESSING that this came with gloss. Once again, the Goddess Mother teaching me to not have expectations and keep an open mind!

500 Point Sephora Perks

Let me super honest, I have only cashed my 500 points once.  I used to cash out once I got to 100 points and add another deluxe sample to my order.  But having to taking a shopping hiatus due to unemployment, my points sat. And sat and sat and sat.

Until one day I was in my local store grabbing my Birthday shower gel and making a small purchase where the cashier alerted my I had just crossed the 500 points, would I like to redeem my points.  I was pretty shocked at the freebie: It contained a full size blusher retailing at $28.00!

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