Home Office Re•Duex

Did you see my office redo? Pristine and perfect.  Everything in it's place.  You probably think I have this everything has it's home, home office.  Well, let me set the record straight.  It's a total fucking mess.  Seriously?!  I write my own blog, I am a columnist for 2 online publications, Co-Chair for Princess Project of SF not to mention I am a registered Yoga Teacher and most importantly, the Social Media Editor for Beauty Army.

Most of this was inside the closet!!
Can you believe all this crap fit into a traditional guestroom closet? zomfg.  Home Depot stat.  My intention was to buy a gallon of white paint and some new mounts; paint, reinstall and done.  Until I ran into the ClosetMaid rep.  A few trips (3) back and forth to satisfy my creative genius and I had an answer to the dreamy closet I now call an extension to my office.
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