Shea Terra Organics : Marula Body Nectar

I love dry oil. It is my favourite product to use to moisturize my body skin. I have always felt that lotions and creams just sit there never fully sinking in which makes me feel greasy, even dirty, like I need to shower. Of course that has much to do with the ingredients of the product, but heavy feeling all the same.

When I made my very first Shea Terra Organics haul, I grabbed a bottle of Marula Shea Body Nectar Spray Oil.  Made from cold pressed marula oil, one of the most anti-oxidant rich oils in the world, it smells like warm almond cookies. But not in a youth-fragrance kind of way. This is mature and sexy. The interesting thing about this scent is, it dissipates quickly so I can wear my normal perfume, as usual.  Created with pure fractionated oil of the shea butter fruit, it is a moderately heavy weighted product that does not quickly run making it easy to use. I will say the spray bottle sprays with force in more of a stream pattern than a misting spray. I find spraying 4 pumps into my cupped hand makes applying it easier. I am able to warm the oil by rubbing it between my hands. I like 3 - 4 sprays per area; Lower legs, thighs, arms, stomach / back / butt. So I use about 10 sprays almost every day and it has lasted me 6 months and counting. The oil is golden in colour and has a nice weight to it. It highly moisturized without a trace of reside. I'm left with shiny, healthy, glowing skin. Even my ashy old lady hands look youthful!

While I am not likely to try the other 2 scents, Pink Guava and Honey Bush Peach, I will absolutely repurchase Marula. In fact, it will become a staple in my skincare arsenal. The 8oz vessel is brown plastic which protects the oil from the damaging effects of sunlight. The only flaw I have with my experience is: I find it can be difficult to press the spray top while your hands are slick with oil. I end up having to put one hand on the bottom, one on the spray as usual and squeeze them together, accordion style! This is ultra irritating because I like to capture and warm the oil in my hands first. Not that it is cold. It bothers me so much, this product loses 1/2 of a star because of that design flaw. Retailing for $22.00 and available exclusively on I highly recommend treating yourself to this 4.5 out of 5 star Nectar.

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