LVX : Legendaire, Vegan Polish Swatch and Review

It makes sense. I have moved all of my skincare to all natural, mostly Indie Lee, why not move my polish and cosmetics too? I made a commitment to myself that I would not purchase nail polish unless it was 3-free and cruelty free. Then I met LVX and my commitment to healthy living just stepped it's game way up.

Ever since Beauty Army gave away the LVX Summer 2012 collection, I have wanted to try one of these gorgeous, fashion forward vegan polishes. Again, Black Ops to the rescue! The $16 bottle was priced at $12 making it a steal. I chose Legendaire,  an opaque majestic gray with a crème finish. While it looks a bit more purple online it is this super sexy gray with a tint of purple. Just enough to give it interest.

This formula is vegan, 5-free and while it is claimed to be long wearing I am doubtful because it is missing the ingredients that make polishes extend their wear. I, of course am wrong. It lasted 2.5 days before it chipped. Anything over the 48 hour mark in my world is a good polish!! It coveres evenly and opaquely with only 2 coats. I did not use a top coat and I should have because it noticeably dulled. No more that my other polishes but it happened, plus the addition of a protective top coat would have extended it's wear another full day, without chipping. I am totally in love with this shade. I will wear this often and even though LVX is known for their shades being seasonal, this one will last all year!! I rate Legendaire 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love it so much, I purchased Dark Matter and Alchemy from BeautyARMY, today!

Have you heard of LVX?
Have you tried their polishes? Which one(s)?
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