Kate Spade : A Stocking Stuffer Haul

I only went for the Bobby's.

I love the redesigned Kate Spade boutique in Palo Alto. I went in on the Saturday after Thanksgiving looking for these bobby pins to tuck into my stocking. That's right, I stuff my own stocking. I started in the front and immediately I was drawn to an item that looks like a candy lollipop ring from when I was a kid. Inquisitive I discover it to be a 4gb USB flash drive. Oh emm gee. It's expensive and it's the only one, I grab it. Not only is it totally adorable, I can write it off on my taxes. ;)

Back to the Bobby's. I knew it was a long shot. They were sold out online and for the price, why wouldn't they be? These sweet bobby pins are designed to look like stick matches in a match box. There is even a striking detail on the side! I found the last box. I couldn't believe my luck! Spending much more then I was planning, I headed to the register. Had I realized the Bobby's were missing their price tag, I would have alerted the staff... The super sweet lady helping me spent 15 minutes looking for the SKU. I didn't mind, the store wasn't crowded and I wasn't in a hurry. Having worked in retail for numerous years I understand things happen, like price tags falling off.

I browsed the shop some more while she located the information and completed my transaction. As she was wrapping my treasures she tucked in a set of Pop Art nail polish stickers! How adorable are these!! Black with white polka dots, I hate to use them! haha!
How about you, Gorgeous, do you purchase gifts for yourself?
What did you treat you to?

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