Faux Lash : A Cyber Monday Haul

This was an unexpected haul that I made at the last minute and am grateful that I did and wish I purchased more! I had the pleasure of meeting Faux Lash during the Spring when they popped inside Beauty Army Headquarters.

After our meeting I started to follow their Facebook page where I saw a post aout a fab Cyber Monday sale. And fab it was: 50% off of their lashes! I browsed the pages and made my decision. I was only after traditional lashes and as you can see, I purchased anything but.

 Luxury Lashes For Fancy People.  

Why go Faux? Faux's lashes are individually handmade and hand knotted to ensure strength and longevity. They only use 100% sterilized human hair and high quality synthetic blends. Born in San Francisco, Faux not only give great glam, it also gives back.   times a year faux launches the Lash Of Love. When you purchase this special pair of lashes, Faux will donate 100% of it's proceeds to charity.

I thought, 'Oh I'll buy one or two pair.' As you can see 4 made it into the cart! Free shipping gets me every time! And since these lashes are packed by hand here in the bay, I had them on Wednesday. I adore the cello packaging with the red polkadots. My lashes came with a copy of their About us page and a How to Apply Perfect Faux Lashes printed tutorial.

Pink Flutter
The pink and purple strands blend beautifully together.
I have a pink pageboy wig that I like to rock every now and then and these will fit in perfectly!
I wonder if I can stack then with a black pair for ultra umph? $12.00
Tiny Stars
These half lashes feature black stars which stand out against holographic lavender rhinestones.
Totally rockstar! $12.00
Black Sparkle
These long lashes have two tiers of tiny black sequins to dazzle the eye.
Perfect for our Holiday party! $12.00
'These lashes are made for either top or bottom wear. If worn on the top lash line, these give a subtle bump of volume, but added to the bottom lash line they create impressive length.'
I thought BOTTOM LASHES?!! Score! I was thinking how my bottom lash line was looking skimpy and a few days later I find these. #MeantToBe $10.00  

I can not wait to start wearing these amazing lashes! A $46.00 value, they cost me $23.00 and were delivered with free shipping! Have you discovered why these are the most luscious pair of lashes on the market?

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