Deborah Lippmann : Ray of Light Swatch and Review

Wow. This is an amazing shade. The way the copper dances off of the cobalt is truly an intergalactic experience. One of the more expensive lines of polish that I own, Ray of Light is an electric indigo nail lacquer that is part of the 3D Holographic collection that is proportionately speckled with copper glitter.

I start and finish as usual: First one coat of Nail Foundation form Butter LONDON and I top it all of with Hardware top coat. In between, I started with my first coat of Ray of Light. It went on with a gel-like consistency. It was goopy but not in a dried-out way. It was more like the product was a bit separated even after a through mixing. I waited about one minute and applied the second coat. I could see the same goopy consistency as I pulled the brush from the bottle but like magic, it smoothly and evenly melded together providing a gorgeous finish.

I was in total love. I felt like I had just found my nail polish soul mate. But like all lovers long lost, that turned out to not be the case. 12 hours later it chipped. And not a little chip - 4 fingers looked as though I had applied this shade several days earlier. *sigh* I am left to wonder if this formula couldn't adhere to my Butter LONDON or was it indeed faulty. I will have to try it again sans base and top coats. As it stands, this $18 investment is barely holding on to 2 stars. I will try it again in a few weeks and update my review if applicable.

How about you, Gorgeous, do you have Deborah Lippmann polishes in your collection?
Which one(s) and what have been your results?


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