The Natural Beauty Box: All Natural Samples

I stumbled across this box via a random tweet. It was a retweet from someone who mentioned you might find BeeseLine in your Natural Box this month and I sure did!  From Canada, I received a total of 17 items. Most were deluxe sized samples and 2 full size: Delizioso Lip Gloss in Blueberry, value $20 and BeeseLine, a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, valued $3.99. In all, I received $122.16 in samples for $20, delivered. From left to right, here is what my Natural box contained for August.

• Delizioso - Crisp Vanilla body cream.
This smells like vanilla cupcakes. YUM! $5.00
• Pure Anada - Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub. $2.50 
Orange, pineapple & grapefruit. Need I say more?
• M.E. Studio - Lanai Sunset Perfume. $7.50
 This sweet floral reminds me of something amazing my Grandmother would have come home with after a trip. Vintage but not 'old lady'. Frangipani, magnolia and musk are in total harmony.
• Temptations Bath & Body - No, this isn't a slice of cheesecake, it's Tumble Me Oats soap cake slice. $3.00
It smells like a lightly floral soap made with oatmeal.
• 100% Pure - Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream $10.00
I've used this before and I love it.

See my 100% Coffee Bean eye cream review, here!

 • Happy Pumpkin - Hair Balm.
This smells like October in a jar. In a solid state, I'll have to scrape some out and emulsify it into an oil so I can apply it to the ends of my hair. I'm pretty nuts about protecting my ends since I am going blonde again.
• Zatic - Active Balancing Cream $6.00
Firming and tightening, it is beige in colour and smells citrusy but not tart. I will most likely use this on my décolleté.
• BeeseLine - Natural Alternative to Petroleum Jelly, full size, $3.99
The product in this full size jar is not as 'soft' as Vaseline in the jar; it seemed more of a solid state. The product is highly emollient and a bit smelly. 

• Delizioso Skincare - Nourish & Shimmer Lipgloss, full size. $20.00
Very intimidating in the tube, I thought I was going to look like a disco queen but it's not like that. I did shake this to stir it, as it looks like it separates but it is very very light and only kissed with shimmer. The scent of blueberry is strong and delicious. It feels like a really thin oil when I apply it, I imagine that I can feel glitter but I know that is not the truth.
• Renu Derma - Eye Cream $16.67
Odorless, this cream stays supple but not greasy. I'm saving this for Winter.
• Delizioso Skincare - Cream Blush in Spring $11.00
Sheer in shade with light shimmer, Spring is a berry rose. I expect this to be a winner for normal to dryer skin types. I am imagining as an oily skin, this is not going to wear long and will need reapplication. I'm looking forward to this for Winter wear, as well.
• Original Purity - Wash Me Lavender body wash $5.00
Not included on my info sheet.
This vegan cleanser is potent with lavender. I can't wait to use this with my Indie Lee Lavender oil for total relaxation after my next long hard day or work or play! It looks very thin, probably best used with a puff and not hands or a wash cloth.
• Ariona Skincare - Organic Argan & Camu Camu Berry Facial Oil $6.50
The scent is this mix of light berry and rose. It reminds me of incense and anointment oils from the Medieval Fairs I had the pleasure of attending as a youth.

 • Pure Anada - Assorted Minerals $4.00
Cafe Latte
High shimmer mineral powders. I might try the 2 different blush samples together. Oddly enough, they have the same name.
Stay tuned for swatches!!
There was a personalized envelope inside the box which contained an information sheet, including, brand name, product name full size weight, full size cost, ingredients and coupon code. Note: you can only use one coupon code per transaction. They also make mention of a beauty forum for 'like minded people'. The second sheet is more of an about us that described the service they provide with a promise to never receive the same sample 2 months in a row. The bottom lists the values of each sample, totally $122.16! WOOT! 

This is not a subscription service; you have to purchase each box individually month after month. I have already chosen to receive the September box and paid using paypal. I'm pretty stoked about this box although I'm not sure how long they can keep up the pace of 14+ products per month. How about you, Gorgeous - have you heard of this service? Would you pay $20 for this beauty box?


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