clickR: Daily Dermabrasion Wash Review & Swatch

Seriously, I could write a blog on only acne treatments. When Daily Dermabrasion Wash came into my life, I was like - whatever - another product promising results. Well, I'm here to tell you, ClickR delivers. This gentle face cleanser cut through the grease and grime to efficiently cleanse my face while micro-beads offered light exfoliation to keep it flake free so my treatments could work more effectively at killing my blemishes.

Not familiar with clickR? Designed for younger skins this line uses no artificial colours, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or petrochemicals. In addition to this line being completely vegan, there are no endocrine disruptors, benzoyl peroxide or allergen fragrances. Seriously, why do I need perfume in my face care? What are companies trying to cover up?

Simple to use, I skipped the Clarisonic with this one, I wet my face, put a dollop of product on my fingers, rubbed my left and right hands together to distribute the cleanser and went to town, applying this product in a circular motion almost as if it were my scrub. Avoiding the eye area and not forgetting my neck. Since this is Sodium laureth sulfate free, it does not suds up. No worry, you do not need crappy foaming agents to get clean. My skin feels very comfortable, clean and hydrated.

Best used as part of a set, I paired DDW with a few spritzes of Vanishing Mist and added Acne Face Treatment to my cheeks and neck, where I tend to break out the most.  This cleanser moisturizes with the likes of rice husk derived panthenol and oat kernal extract. Daily Dermabrasion Wash is specially formulated to be used before your acne treatments - it aids in skin not being overly sensitive to those treatments active ingredients.

Used on average, twice a day, this full size 3 oz tube lasted me just shy of 2 months. I wish I could easily cut it open to scape out the rest... I'm sure there were a few more day's worth in there!! *cheapo* I rate this cleanser 4.5 out of 5 stars. A bit pricy, you get what you pay for with clickR; quality.

How about your, Beautiful, have you tried any of the clickR skincare products? Did you select the Acne Spot Serum pen in your BeautyARMY Kit?


This line was introduced to me by Lindsey Guest, Founder and CEO of BeautyARMY and this cleanser, part of the Total Acne Face Care Kit was a gift from Lindsey and Florence, Founder and CEO of clickR.
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