Bliss: Vanilla + Bergamot Body Buff Review

Your body deserves this! I received this as a deluxe sample from as a GWP. So yum! Let me start off by saying that I do not like the scent of vanilla. I always find it to be cheap and artificial smelling; so I contemplated giving this scrub away as a Christmas present. lol. So glad that I ran out of my 'usual' scrub and opened it - as if it were for emergency use! The vanilla is authentic, there are bits of vanilla bean seeds mixed in to the scrubbing particles. It mellows the acidity of the bergamot and makes me think of a spring buttercream frosting. The scent is smooth, not overpowering.
I'm generally afraid of shea butter because it usually ends up becoming paste on the bottom of my shower, yet this does not. I'm also not over oiled, my skin has a 'just right' silkiness and I am able to use it on my pits then follow with deodorant and the deo will dry. This scrub keeps my skin smooth and ingrowns at bay by removing dry and dead skin. I highly recommend this it for your whole body (not face). It is a moderate grit scrub and a splurge for $36 @ 12oz.
I love bliss products, so it was no surprise that I rated this high. I am giving the product 4.5 stars and the vessel 4.  the vessel loses one star because i tend to drip water into it, from showering. By the time I am at the last 1/3 - 1/4 of scrub, it is a thinner, milky consistency. An inverted squeeze tube would be my suggestion. ;-) With a 4.25 I'd treat myself to this scrub in a heartbeat! Have you tried Vanilla + Bergamot Body Buff by Bliss? What are your thoughts?
xoxo •Nancy-Lee
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