ControlCorrective: Botanical Soothing Cream Review

Introduced to me by Lindsey Guest, Founder and CEO of BeautyARMY, this treatment has saved my skin! I suffer Rosacea and adult acne so even when I'm not going through a break-out spell I have red cheeks. With Botanical Soothing Cream, I only need a tiny amount and I am able to enjoy all day redness relief.

I find it's more like a balm, I put a pea-sized amount on my fingers, rub it between my hands to emulsify it for an easier application and I press it into my cheeks, chin and the sides of my nose. I am a firm believer of pressing, not rubbing, your skincare.  I use an upward almost rocking motion. 

I only apply Botanical Soothing Cream where I suffer Rosacea because to me, this is more of a treatment, applying it all over is a waste. I use a different SPF for the rest of my face.  It has a bit of that 'sunscreen' scent but I find it does not linger. I wait 2 minutes for the Cream to fully absorb and then I apply the rest of my facial makeup as usual. I haven't run into any issues with my pressed powder foundation - no caking, discolouration or sliding off due to this product! My makeup stays fresh and my skin stays comfortable.

In addition to the sample given to me by Lindsey, I selected a sample of Botanical Soothing Cream by Control Corrective for my March BeautyARMY Kit. I am able to get get 5 uses out of the velapacks. That is the name of the sample packaging. Again, this is because it's only used to treat my areas of Rosacea, I do not apply it all over my face.

The full size is 2.5 oz and is in a flip-top squeeze-tube.  Retailing for $48.00, I rate Botanical Soothing Cream a coveted 5 out of 5 stars.  I highly recommend this treatment for Roscea and I will absolutely buy a full size. And I am very happy to mention that Control Corrective is Leaping Bunny approved!!

How about you, Gorgeous, have you tried Control Corrective?
Did you choose your sample in a BeautyARMY Kit?
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