COMODYNES: Self-Tanning Towelette Review

From BeautyBox5 comes COMODYNES Self-Tanning towelette.  This moisturizing towelette is said to provide natural and uniform colour. Let's hope so!

I open the package and remove the towelette, which is quite large; enough towel and tanner to cover my legs and arms.  The first thing I notice is the scent. It reminds me of a mans cologne, light and fresh but masculine.  Truthfully, I like it. I jokingly tweet that I might have some explaining to do when my BF comes home. The size of the towelette makes application easy, my entire hand was able to be extended as I moved it in circular motions over my limbs, ensuring even coverage. It was quick and I was confident that I didn't leave any bare spots.

I tanned on a Sunday so I could keep my limbs contact-free from clothes for as long as possible - I didn't want to take any chances and have the tanner transfer or worse, have clothing imprints in my tan.  I waited a full hour before becoming fully dressed.  This tanner never developed an icky smell. My skin was soft and not sticky.  It was a very light tan, I would have used a second towel the next day to deepen the shade of my legs. I applied this product the day after I shaved my legs and did not experience any type of irritation.

Retailing at $14 for 8 packs = $1.75 per tan, I rate these towelettes 4 out of 5 stars. I wish the shade developed a tad darker.  Leaping Bunny approved and the #1 self-tanning towelette in Europe, I enjoyed being able to try it and think it is a fine self-tanner but I would not buy it. Perhaps I am spoiled in using Beautisol and the magic mitt.

Have you tried this tanner or another towelette style?
What were your thoughts?

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