OPI Nail Polish Haul!

I was on the hunt for swatching pallets for all of the new nail polishes I have acquired over the past 2 months.  While I was on Yelp, I came across a shop called Londoner Beauty and it was super close!  Their website was vague, to say the least, they only have a homepage but they have a high Yelp rating and excellent feedback so I felt it was worth a try.  I popped in and walked around for a bit.  The shop was spacious and very clean.  They had tons of great brands with lots of beauty products.  I wondered why I hadn't popped in before today?!

I mosied around looking in the most logical area for swatching plates and finally broken down and asked.  No she said.  She doesn't carry them but might be able to order what I am looking for..... Why do I want them?  I explain why and she exclaims "I have extras that you can have!!" And she did! She gave me three plates, a total of 36 nails, for free.  I couldn't believe it to be honest with you.  People just don't do things like that anymore!  I couldn't leave empty handed - I had to make a small purchase to thank her for her kindness and generosity so I added 1 full size OPI and 3 mini's to my collection of growing varnish!

Last Friday Night, from the Katy Perry collection is in it's full sized glory! A clear base with blue micro glitter and pin & silver medium sized glitter.  Fly from the Nicki Minaj looks like Slapper by butterLondon. Your Web or Mine, a carnation pink frost from Spiderman and I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!  A sassy steal-blue shimmer from Holland!  You can locate my individual reviews easily under the OPI Label to the right.

What about you, Gorgeous...
Do you have these shades?
Do you use swatching plates or just your own fingernails?
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