Ineke: Today is Brought to You by the Letter....

This Deluxe Sample Collection is Volume #4.
A gift to Beauty Army from Ineke, a San Francisco based perfumer who mixes her skills of scent with her love of design, literature and arts in the creation of her perfume 'stories'.

Presented in a luxury drawer-style box worthy of gift giving, the 7 Eau de Parfumes each feature a spray atomizer containing .05floz product.  The glass vials are wrapped in handmade paper and tucking inside presentation boxes featuring 4 sides of amazing artwork and wonder.

Please join me as we read letters A - G.

A ~ After my Own Heart.
The scent of fresh lilacs floating on the early evening breeze.
B ~ Balmy days & Sundays.
Lying face-up to the sky, dappled light flickering through the pale green of over-head branches.
C ~ Chemical Bonding.
Sometimes opposites attract. Bonding across the periodic table.
Sparkling Citrus + powdery soft = a flirtatious alchemy.
D ~ Derring-Do.
A 2009 FiFi Award nominee.
Spring rain, fresh and fearless,the first glimmers of light.
E ~ Evening Edged in Gold.
Basking in moonshadows, trumpets of angels greet the night.
F ~ Field Notes from Paris.
Now Smell This, Best Of 2009
Sweet scented Paris afternoons, life measured out in coffee spoons.
G ~ Gilded Lily.
Gilding the Lily with sparking fruits and Cypriot woods.

Full size bottles are 2.5oz and are available to purchase on BeautyArmy for $88, each.
Which one intrigues you the most?


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