Repurposing my Beauty Army Kit

I wanted to inspire.  This Kit is so awesome, I didn't want to put it in the recycle bin, I wanted show possibilities.  I have been looking for an acrylic nail polish holder for several weeks and I just can't find anything that I like.  Then last week, out of the blue I received a catalogue to The Container Store and was hoping to find a polish holder but instead I came across an acrylic lipstick holder.  Intrigued, I compared the measurement of the holder to the Kit and was SHOCKED to discover it is almost the same exact size.  The very next day I ran over to my local store, Kit in hand and purchased the holder.  It was only $7 and holds 24 tubes.

It was important to me to not invest a lot of money into this project.  Repurposing is about reusing and I wanted to reuse more than just the Kit, I wanted to use things that I already had in my craft box.   I purchased a box of Martha Stewart Craft glitter, knowing one day I'd use it.... And I had Swarovski crystals but I knew I didn't have enough so I ran back to JoAnn Fabrics and low and behold... they have been discontinued!!  I just happen to find a few clear and a few pink which were 50% off.  I purchased all of the packages of crystals that they had... I know I will use the rest at another date.
Supplies needed:
Paint brush / Q-tips <-- what I used.
Paper towels
Lipstick holder
Canned Air

So what did I do?  First I planned my Swarovski strategy, once I liked the placement, I glued the crystals in place. Starting with the lid and moving to the front of the Kit.  Once those crystals dried, about 7 minutes, I added the long rows of crystals to the front of the Kit.  As you can see the glue dried shiny - that's ok - I am going to cover the Kit in glitter, so you won't see the glue.  Be sure to glue the crystals first as they need a flat, clean surface to adhere.

Click on pictures to enlarge for detail.  

I gave the Kit's additional crystals 10 minutes to dry and started in on the glitter. If I had to do it all over again, heed my advice: START WITH THE DARKEST GLITTER FIRST!  I did not do that because I made this design up as I went along.  My intention was to only glitter the camo but once I saw the shiny glue on the matte Kit, I knew I had to do something else to cover the glue - hence the black glitter!

I used Elmer's Craft Bond clear glue with a dual tip.  I used almost the entire tube.  The thin pen tip allowed me to pinpoint-draw the different camo shades and fill in, then dust with glitter.  I used 2 shades of pink, 1 silver and 1 white inside the lid and black on the front and sides.  The glue is thick so it took a longer time for the glitter to set and the glue to fully harden but once it was complete, it was worth the minor frustration of cross-glitter-contamination.  After each colour fully dried I used an air can, the same one that I use to clean my keyboard, to blow off as much loose glitter as possible.  DO THIS OUTSIDE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!  Unless of course, you like to live in a disco dream.  Then I moved on to a different shade.  Work with one shade at a time, from start to finish, put that shade away and work with your next.

I am keeping the lid permanent open by attaching a paperclip over the hinge with LOTS of epoxy-style glue.  It took overnight to dry and harden.  After, I added a piece of packing tape just to reinforce the entire support system.  Once the glitter/glue was fully hardened I slipped the lipstick holder inside and quickly filled it up with my favourite tubes!

What do you think?
How have you repurposed your Beauty Army Kit?
I can't wait to see it!

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