Why I am choosing Laser Hair Removal.

I can't wax my legs because a medication I take for rosacea causes my skin to thin. If I wax, it will most likely cause "upper epidermal lifting" which is fancy talk for "will rip the top layer of skin off of your body".   I know - I have made the mistake twice.  Both times on my face.  So I decided to use the epilater tool on my bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition.  Remember the epilater craze?  Early '90's?  Do you know what an epliater is?  Let me give you the 411.  Imagine 5 wheels at alternating angles.  Like this --> /\/\/\ these wheels spin and try to grab the hair and yank it out of your body.  Basically, it's like having 5 tweezers, grabbing hairs, not all in the same spot but as you move this thing in a 'shaving' motion up your leg. A little here a little there.
I charged it up, got all ready, turned it on and was totally put off my how loud and cheap it sounded. lol.  I'm thinking the exhaust on my '84 Camero.  Ignoring that vision, I put it to my left thigh and with all the power in my body I manage to not scream out in pain.  Pain that reflected the way those 15 hairs were just ripped from my leg. I give up.

I file my finger nails and contemplate self-tanners instead. 
Fingernails finished. Time to suck it up.

I realize that whats happening is, I am anticipating the pain. Sooo I think it hurts more than it actually does.  I think.  I tell myself to close my eyes, this way I will not actually know when it's about to hit. Yeah, it's no walk in the park, but it wasn't as bad as I was thinking. OK let me be honest - I 'gave up' after i did what i set out to do - my bikini line and my inner & rear thighs. I allowed myself to give up because when my boyfriend came home from soccer, I was sprawled out on the bathroom floor, propped up against the door like a junkie that just got a fix. 'What are you doing?'  he asks, in this slightly concerned with a touch of disgust voice.  If only I told you what women do.
It took 40 minutes and a hand full of body powder to do both thighs. I used to nail out entire leg waxes in under 40. *sigh* Body powder? gotta absorb the sweat so the epilater glides.  I did it at night as I knew from previous waxings that I would want at least a 12 hour break before doing anything frictional. WOOWEE I'm glad that I skipped spin class.  I continue this torture for 16 more months before I put my foot down and declare if I can handle an epilater, I an handle a laser.  Thanks, Groupon!  I have since purchased laser treatment for my underarms and bikini.  A review of each, to follow.

What about you, Gorgeous?
How do you remove unwanted body hair?
Have you have laser treatments?

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