Cleaning Clothes: Your Tags Decoded

Wondering what the little symbols on the care tags in your clothes mean?  +Purex101: those laundry symbols tell you how to take care of your clothes and in general, show the maximum treatment a garment can handle.


Machine Washable 
Machine Washable. Use Regular/Normal cycle with regular agitation and spin speed. This is the most vigorous wash cycle.

Permanent Press Wash Setting

Permanent Press Wash Setting.  Use Permanent Press/Wrinkle Resistant washer setting, which usually has a cool down or cold spray before the reduced spin. This setting is for stain or wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

Gentle Wash Setting

Gentle Wash Setting.  Use Gentle/Delicate washer setting (slow agitation and/or reduced wash time). This setting is for lingerie, machine-washable sweaters, and other delicate fabrics.

FeatherLuxe part Deux

I saw Jennifer with FeatherLuxe the week before I left for school.  I was just short of desperate for 2 services:  I wanted my first bundle moved to the crown of my head and I wanted a second bundle.  

It was time for my adjustment. Bundle #1 was down almost 2" from my scalp and I nearly pulled it out with my brush a few times. My first bundle was low, behind my ear and was completely lost when I wore my hair down.  The second bundle added a stronger impact and more colour.  

Back to MAC = FREE Lipstick

Have you noticed this inside your M·A·C box(es) and wondered what does that mean?  Or perhaps you haven't noticed, left oblivious by your excited anticipation to gain access to your new treasure, you bypass the tiny writing on the inside arm of the packaging because your cosmetically blinded while ripping open the box.

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