Homemade Sugar Scrub.

I start with a small plastic food container.  I use plastic in case the vessel were to slip off of my bench, it would not shatter in my shower. 

I use 'baking' sugar because it is a very fine grind and will not microscopically scratch your skin the way raw sugar can.  I add 1/3 cup of sugar then drizzle about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil on top.  I don't actually measure any of the ingredients, I add them on a visual 'that looks good' basis - I don't want to waste time or water washing measuring cups and spoons.

PRONUNCIATION prə-nənsē-āshən

Every time I shop I see it.  A well-meaning client asks for a product or the where-abouts of a brand and butchers the foreign pronunciation of the name.  As cringe worthy as some of those pronunciations are, let me help you avoid the pursed lips of a Consultant who doesn't know how to delicately educate you.

Borghese  bor-gay-zeh (-za) NOT bor-gay-zee
How a luxury brand, that soon became known simply as Borghese, was born : In 1938 a 17-year-old Italian girl named Marcella Fazi married a widowed nobleman named Paolo Borghese and promptly became a Princess.  Princess Borghese loved beauty products and had her toiletries specially made for her, using only the finest natural ingredients found on the grounds of her villa in Rome. With aspirations of developing a lipstick line of her own that would boast a wider array of hues than those that were readily available in those days, she finessed an introduction to the founder of Revlon, Charles Revlon, in 1956. Soon her eponymous line launched a collection of bright lipsticks and nail polishes that complemented her couture designer pal Emilio Pucci's famed knitwear.

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