My Target Style.

Honestly, I can't wait for Missoni to hit Target this September.  I made a note in iCal so I could hit my location immediately!  I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Target Designer pieces that I have picked up over the past 2 years.

*Click on the picture to enlarge*

Zak Posen - The infamous $200 red leather motorcycle jacket. it is a little darker than this picture portrays.  I scored mine on the 75% off rack.  That's right $49.99!  That's also right: the tag is still attached.  I just haven't had the right occasion to wear it.  For the past 16 months.  The denim is from Victoria's Secret London Collection, $19.99.

Savings on the Back End

It's not all upfront savings, some times you have to put out cash and submit for 
A) Manufacture MIR mail in rebates or 
B) Store rebates example: Rite Aid Single Rebate Checks - SRC or 
C) BOTH!  <-- The ultimate money maker because both of these are checks you ca$h

Yesterday at Rite Aid I came home with $126.34 in product and I spent $63.36 OOP / 49% savings. But that's not where my savings end!  I will receive $21.96 in MIR and $12.99 in SRC + I have $15.00 in UpRewards to use and I received a $4.99 GWP.  So that's $34.95 cash back in my pocket + $15.00UpR + $4.99GWP means this trip cost $8.42.  

$8.42 is a 86% savings and here's how I did it:

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