In full plume.

I was looking for an affordable alternative to the standard feather pricing in town, $7 to $10 per feather.  I knew if I searched the interwebs long enough I would find the answer.  And I did.  Yelp pointed me to Feather Luxe West Coast, a company providing professional feather extensions without the use of glue or adhesives.  Best of all was the cost:  $25 per bundle of 6-8 feathers.  Not $25 per feather but per bundle.  

I knew I had to put this company to the test so I reached out to Jennifer Nye-Walsh, a FeatherHead servicing the San Jose / South Bay area.  We met a few days later, where I was able to choose my own colour combination of blue, green and white/black.  As we chatted about my couponing, she carefully selected individual feathers for my bundle; measuring them against one another for balance and trimming any excess fuzz so they would melt in with my hair.

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