Moises González isn't the only one...

...inspired by Gustav Klimt.

A fashion photo shoot by Moises González, for Ae magazine in Spain,
reproduction pics of Gustav Klimt. 
The Photos were hand painted in the postproduction. 
Click Read more: There are 9 more pictures posted. *NSFW

Let it go, let it go, let it go!

It doesn't matter how much product is remaining or how much money it cost. Beauty products are not the place you should be gambling on in terms of ROI. Tossing a $30 tube of mascara every 90 days is far easier on your wallet than the expenses involved with an eye infection.

When To Throw Out Makeup
  • SPF Makeup - Makeup with sunscreen have expiration dates listed on the bottle, which you should toss since the sun protection will degrade. Physical blocks like titanium dioxide don’t usually have dates, and are good for about three years. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to throw it away, take a sniff and look at the texture of the product. If it’s clumping, runny, or smells out of the ordinary, it’s time to give it a heave-ho.

Easy fixes for broken cosmetics.

7 nifty ways to fix your lipstick, nail polish, and other beloved products. 
Keep reading after the jump to see how to repair them!

{ Broken Lipstick }
Cause: Because they’re made of waxes and emollients, lipsticks become unstable if they aren’t kept at the right temperature, explains New York City makeup artist AJ Crimson. “If you’re not storing it at room temperature, or if it gets too hot in your purse, a lipstick can melt and lose strength, which makes it more susceptible to breaking completely,” he says.
Cure: Use a blow-dryer or match to melt it into place, and let set. If it’s too far gone for that to work, scoop what’s left into an empty lip-gloss pot.
Preventive tip: If a lipstick looks as if it’s melting, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes so it can regain its consistency.
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