YES to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment

First off, I love the vessel.  Even though the .5oz siphon pump delivers too much product, you will be able to use every single drop of this cream. Provided that you control the pump, you will have zero wasted product = excellent return on investment.  The cap locks tight and you can easily toss it in an overnight bag for travel.  Plus the vessel is recyclable. 

top: full amount distributed by the pump. Below: the amount you actually use.

Night time: I let my eye area get a little dry after I washed my face so I could get a true feel for this product.  The first thing that I noticed was how cooling it felt.  I usually use All About Eyes from Clinique and this was a different feel.  It's more like a lotion than the cream/gel formula I am used to using.  This product seemed a little more 'wet' to me but very comfortable.
Within 30 seconds I could feel the tightness around my eyes disappear and my skin feels very comfortable.  About 10 minutes later I can feel a little tackiness, which could be too much product, on my part.  My eye area looks moist and has a slight sheen around it.  The fine lines are gone so I image this will be a real nice base to smooth on under-eye concealers - a great blending agent.

Morning: I used a little less product and noticed I didn't have that tacky feeling, the lotion sank right in.  This is a thin cream, so if you're not disciplined to 'pat' your eyecreams on to the orbital area, instead you rub them in, this is a good product for you.  I have oily eyelids and usually find eyecreams warm up and work their way into my eyes but not this. When I first wrote this, I was about 2 weeks in, since finishing the product, I can say I never got to the point I wanted it to be over. I really like this product BUT i noticed using too mach caused a few breakouts in my orbital area - I suffer from adult acne, so I doubt you will have any of those issues.

I rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.  It lost the 1/2 star because the pump needs to be calibrated to deliver less product.  Retails for $19.99 and can be found at YesToCarrots Target & CVS.


  1. I've been wanting to try this out, great review!


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