A Good Grooming Know-How

The Ultimate Mens Shave Guide:
Good grooming requires a little know-how and a degree of commitment. the benefits of a good regime will help you look and feel your best and give you healthier smoother skin. Follow our simple guide and we guarantee you'll have a closer longer lasting and more comfortable shave.

  1. Feel the direction in which your beard grows. As a general rule this is the direction you should always shave.
  2. We recommend a multi-blade razor as the improvement in performance is huge. To ensure it has a sharp cutting edge change every 4 to 5 uses.
  3. Moisten beard by splashing your face with several handfuls of the hottest water that you can comfortably stand.
  4. Use one shot of the Sensitive Shave Cream and rub vigorously over beard to help lift hairs away from your skin.
  5. Shave in the direction your hair grows using light, slow strokes to avoid grazing or nicking skin. Whilst shaving use your other hand to gently pull and stretch skin to create a flat surface for your razor blade to glide over easily.
  6. Regularly rinse and gently tap razor on the sink to remove hair and cream build-up.
  7. Smooth hands over your beard to check for stray hairs and reshave any missed areas.
  8. Splash face several times with cold water to rinse and refresh skin. Pat with a clean soft towel leaving skin slightly damp. Do not rub as this may cause irritation.
  9. Apply our After-Shaving Moisturiser to soothe your face. This light, easily absorbed formula will lock in moisture leaving skin smooth and nourished.
Source: Liz Earle for Naturally Active Men's Skincare.


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