One of a Kind Zac Posen Necklace ~ DIY

I spoke of this gorgeous Zac Posen red leather jacket on my blog about 5 months ago as part of my favourite Target Designer Finds. Seen here.

Scored from the clearance rack of Target in March 2010, it was marked down from $200.00 to $49.99!  During that shoot, I noticed the cool metal tab with the three safety pins hanging off of the Zac Posen name plaque and thought what a cute necklace it would make. I'm super happy with the results!  Here's how I did it:

What you will need:
  • Needle nosed scissors (I used cuticle scissors)
  • 2 pairs of pliers (needle nose works best)
  • Item of clothing you are retrieving tag from
  • Chain, 24"- 36"
  • Clasp
  • *You might need chainmail rings to attach your new chain to your clothing tag.
This past Sunday's paper featured a coupon for Michael's Arts & Crafts offering 40% off one item, not already on sale.  I cut the tag out of the jacket before I went to Michael's so I could match the metal tone.  Truthfully, I didn't consider the variety of chain widths available, so that was another bonus for taking the tag.  At the end of my shopping trip I purchased, one package of 36" chain and one box of 10 lobster clasps, both Gun Metal in shade.

With my cuticle scissors, I work very slowly through the red thread.  Not only do I NOT want to cut into the leather, I do not want to scratch the metal of what is about to be a necklace.  Patience is key, take your time.  If you do not have the right scissors, you can use needle nose pliers to open the connecting ring from the chain to the threaded piece. 

You can use a seam ripper to break through the thread in order to remove the tag.  Just be gentle - seam rippers work on cutting through thread with force.  Dull rippers could cause you to place too much pressure on the thread which could result in you ripping the jacket.

I use a small piece of toilet paper between the pliers and chain to protect from any metal on metal damage.  Personally, I did not want to leave those little tabs of metal connected to my jacket but I also don't want them to be a part of my custom necklace, so I gently open the rings and remove the tabs and discard. 

After I discard the tabs, I attach the chain and close the rings. I put the necklace on and look in the mirror and eyeball the length I'm looking for.  Once I have the right length (by pinching the necklace together behind my neck) I release one side of the chain, so I can lift the necklace over my head.  

I use my pliers to open the chain at my pinched finger and working backwards, I count how many links are still attached to my tag.  

I count those same links on the other side of the tag (31, to be exact) and open the link #32 to remove the excess 20" of chain.  Now all I have to do is add the lobster claw clasp, close the chain and I am finished!

Presto!  A One of a Kind Zak Posen necklace for $12.00!
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