Henri Bendel Brings NY to SV

The Bendel secret is out of the bag!!
And what a gorgeously striped bag it is!

Three truths:
1) I honestly had no idea it was open.
How was I not on that mailing list?
2) I thought it was going to be 'part of' Victoria's Secret. 
It is a Limited Brand, they share the umbrella not space. ella ella ella.
It was only coincidental they were both closed 
and under construction / remodel at the same time.
3) I thought they only sold candles.
Boy was I wrong.

An odd chain of events brought me to the door of Henri Bendel. I made the devilishly decision to treat myself to a Godiva chocolate caramel shake. From Macy's it was about 60% of the way across the mall.  I'll power walk- that way my metabolism is better prepared to accept the pint of blended ice cream I am about to consume.

I was walking so fast or so lost in caramel drizzle dreams that I was already past the door when I stopped dead in my tracks, realizing the shop was open.  Katie came out to greet me... "Come in, come in"... as I was snapping a pic of the Grand Opening sign.  Tonight it said, 6:30.  I tell her that I promise to come back and am I ever glad that I did!  As I pulled into the parking garage I saw a couple of ladies putting striped bags in their trunk!  I have to get inside I think to myself!

And oh what a gorgeous inside it is!!  With leather wall paper, a crystal chandelier and homage to New York elegantly captured in every corner, I found my new favourite place.  Did I mention they sell chocolate?
Tastefully saturated in Swarovski, the jewelry is statement and stunning.  Classic and chic, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment, these designs work as well with a cocktail frock as they do your favourite pair of jeans and kitten heels.  Reasonably priced and packaged to put that blue box to shame, I have already made mention to my boyfriend, of Christmas gifting ideas.

The store is well blended and does not feel departmentalized. It tells a story from travel candles and weekenders to wet swimsuit bags and luggage.  Where the details in the handbags are emulated in the tiniest form on the clasp of a necklace. Ageless and beautiful this shop is filled with treasures that will stand the test of time.  Take a tour and treat yourself, you deserve it.
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